Learn how to generate MSP leads effortlessly using video.

Want more sales meetings with prospective clients? We'll teach you how to market your IT business using video… even if you are camera shy.

Does your IT business lack a steady stream of quality leads?

Dear IT business owner, if your anything like me you already know finding local businesses that are looking for a new IT support supplier is a complete pain in the ass.  I know, I used to knock on doors, attend local BNI groups, hell I even used to pick up the phone and cold call.  Once every 3 or 4 months, I'd get a new MSP contract but it was not an easy task balancing this along with everything else.  In fact I'd go far as to say finding new leads and contacts that were interested in our technology solutions was possibly the most difficult part of running an IT business.

What made this situation worse is that I had no clue on where to start with "marketing" my IT business. I also had very little time and budget to allocate to any form of marketing.

It was an afterthought and I used to scratch my head wondering why it was so damn hard to get local business owners to speak to me about their business and technology problems.

To make matters worse when I finally did get a sales meeting 4 out of 5 quotes were ignored. After the initial meeting, those leads vanished like the data on a failed RAID array.

I was lost and the final kick in the groin was the abundance of marketing avenues I could take, where would I spend what little money I had?

Google AdWords,  SEO, direct mail, radio ads, social media, telesales or hire a marketing agency?  Would any of these options result in more business or was I throwing good money away?

It pains me to reveal but most MSPs & IT business lead with technology but when it comes to marketing they're still stuck in the past.  Just like that one client you know still clinging on to small business server.. The same server that only boots due to a sheer miracle of divine intervention. 

Introducing MSP Video Academy

Take control of your IT marketing by learning how to use video to dominate your local online business community. With almost no budget and very little time required we'll help transform your technology business into the number one go-to name when someone has an IT problem.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The Academy

The MSP Video Academy is split into 6 modules delivered over 4 weeks. Each module is followed by a group coaching session the following week.

After enrollment in the course, you will be emailed course schedule. To date, the course has only been open to new students on an annual basis. (Don't miss this years opportunity)

At the end of the course, you will have achieved the production of 30 videos that will lead to sales meetings with prospective clients.

As part of the academy, we will walk you through the whole process and be there for every step in your IT marketing journey.

Zero IT Marketing Budget

Learn how to produce videos for your technology business that require no budget and have prospective clients begging to see more.

Minimal Time Commitment

We'll show you the marketing technique that will make your competitors envious of your online digital presence. With the added bonus that it takes only 2 minutes daily to implement.

Learn From Your Peers

Every other week we answer your questions and address any challenges you have in a dedicated group video call with fellow IT business owners.

The Technology Authority

Learn the techniques to position your IT business as the local "technology authority".  Your business will be perceived as leading the way in digital transformation & digital marketing. Prospects will seek you out and expect to pay premium prices.

Here's what other IT business owners are saying about The MSP Video Academy

Some words from last years students....

Chris Marshall

Columbus, OH

Unfair Advantage

"This has given me the upper hand in my marketing, none of my competitors are doing this.  Fantastic!"

Garry Klein

Adelaide, AUS

People Contacting Me

"I've got local business owners messaging me on LinkedIn asking to talk.  I've not had to do any outreach what so ever"

Erik Kennedy

Bristol, UK

Worth Every Penny

"Video marketing is the future.  I can directly account for 3 new managed service contracts due to the steps I took outlined in this course"

6 of the most powerful marketing concepts you can use in your IT business

6 Modules delivered to you via our VIP portal.  Followed by 4 Q&A sessions.


Module 1: Removing the fear factor of video

Webinar 1:

If your anything like me you may have a fear or reluctance of appearing on video.  In this module we cover the steps to overcome any pre-concienved thoughts and outline exactly the opportunity and results you'll get from from this course.  

You'll also learn how to produce "content pillars" for your IT business.  This will allow you never to run out of ideas for your videos and topics to discuss.

In addtion we'll show you how to  wrap all your videos with "goodwill". Your videos will dramatically stand out as more useful than any of your competitors that may already be video marketing.  

This goodwill will leave the video viewer wanting to see more of what you've got to say.

Zoom Call 1:

We’ll get together 1 week after the webinar to discuss progress and answer any questions related to content pillars and goodwill wrapping.


Module 2: The A to B approach & your "offer".

Webinar 2:

Find out some of the best content ideas that have successfully been used in the past by MSP/IT owners when recording their videos. This includes topics you can relate to your content pillars.   (We'll also cover what doesn't work)

How to psychologically attract (Jedi style) and maintain a connection to the video viewer so they watch the entire video.

Producing and communicating your offer – this is the most important learning of the whole 12-week course. We'll cover the method on how to produce an offer for your IT business and when to use it within your videos.

Zoom Call 2:

We’ll discuss in a private zoom room the content ideas and review each other’s offer.


Module 3: Lights, camera, action

Webinar 3:

Technical Setup, lights camera, action. In this webinar, we’ll have a professional journalist cover the technical aspects of shooting incredible video with just your phone.

You'll also learn the reasons why video transcription matters so much when selling to other business owners and an automated method that takes just 3 mouse click to complete this task.

Zoom Call 3:

We will review your first videos and discuss challenges and questions.


Module 4: Organic growth

Webinar 4:

Learn how to promote your videos and getting spectacular success.


It’s one thing recording and posting a video online it’s a completely different matter on how to get people to watch your video.

We’ll outline the exact process to give your videos maximum online exposure to a local audience of business owners.  Once you learn to follow this process you will have an extremely powerful marketing concept that will generate enquires to your business. 


Module 5: Weaponize your videos

Webinar 5:

Learn the secret of "engagement intelligence".

This includes setting up a highly crafted  advertising campaign that will allow you to be in front of your prospects every single day.  

You'll gain many followers and your online audience will expect to hear from you on a regular basis.  

Learn why this is such a powerful concept that you can keep in your back pocket and use to your advantage when it comes time to quote a new client and win the contract.


Module 6: Copywriting & follow up

You will learn the copywriting secrets to a successful IT business homepage.

Once your prospects start taking an interest in you they will start visiting your website. Learn advanced copywritten techniques with templates you can use on your homepage to get website visitors to take action.

Finally learn the offline follow-up process.  This is the exact process used to achieve over 90 clients in one year of video marketing.


Zoom Call 4:

4th and final zoom room call where we will discuss the overall course and what actions need to be completed. The goal for the final week is to have 30 videos already recorded and published


But that's not all, check out these included bonuses.

(Over $25,000 in value)

Bonus 1
Appear on IT Rockstars

Video Interview on the IT Rockstars youtube channel about your business. This will give you instant credibility with your online audience. You can re-purpose the video across your social channels and include it as an introduction to your business to offline prospects.  Vendors pay upwards of $4,000 to appear on the channel - you get access for free!

Bonus 2
IT Sales Coaching

Got a sales challenge in your business?  We meet every month to set IT sales goals and discuss our challenges. The best bit about these sessions is the fact that there's usually someone else in the room that has already had the same problem with an answer.  Gain access to the 1st session entirely free of charge.

Bonus 3
Vault Access

Our members pay $125/month to access these monthly webinars. You will receive all of our historical IT Marketing webinars via a special URL. In these webinars, you will learn some of the most advanced tactics out members are utilising to generate leads for their IT business. Valued at over $20,000 you gain access to these as part of the MSP Video Academy.

About The Course Leader,
Scott Millar

Scott Millar has helped over 100 IT companies globally market their IT business.  Resulting in predictable growth.

His passion is marketing and loves helping people succeed in their business.

In addition to this he has worked in both IT sales and as he describes himself as "an engineer at heart" - he knows your solutions and the market better than any other marketing agency could.

Here’s what people are saying about the course leader.

Dale Sutherland

Cyber Security

24,000% Gain in views

"The stats have improved massively since starting publishing.. The content and process work."

Peter Stewart

Business Owner

Meet Scott

"I would encourage you to meet with Scott and learn how he can help you with your business."

Linda Gray


Very Approachable

"Had dealings with Scott in a number of capacities.   Solid technical knowledge and skills. 

Why is the MSP Video Academy so valuable?

Ths simple fact is that your average MSP client is worth anywhere between $36,000-$60,000 for their lifetime value. That's about $1000/month.

That does not even include project work or hardware. 

Use the MSP Video Academy to acquire just one monthly recurring revenue client and the course will have paid for itself many times over.

Think of this as paying a sales commission but only having to pay once for multiple results.

In addition to this, you'll be perceived as the trusted technology advisor to your online audience leaving your competitors with bigger marketing budgets and dedicated staff in the dust.

Why should I take your course? Wouldn't i be better to:

Hire a marketing agency - you'll pay at least $500 a month on retainer and be locked in for a minimum term. The MSP Video Academy is a one-off cost that you control.

Pay Google Adwords - Whilst it can be effective you will have to pay through the nose for every click to your website. Video brings the personal touch and human interaction. Your prospects will get to know you before even speaking with you and you'll have the upper hand when it comes time to quote for work. Let's face it when it comes to business IT people buy from people they like - video helps you get liked. Adverts don't.

Hire a sales & marketing person - great idea if you can afford to feed another mouth. A salesperson expects the leads to already be there. The harsh reality is that you need a marketing strategy before you start any form of sales. With the academy, you get both at a one-off cost.

Take control of this by becoming both the marketing and sales powerhouse of your business.


1 Time Purchase

 $ 2,699.97

  • Lifetime access to course
  • 4 Q&A Sessions Included
  • Appear on IT Rockstars


3 Monthly Payments

 $ 899.99

  • Lifetime access to course
  • 4 Q&A Sessions Included
  • Appear on IT Rockstars

100% Satisfaction Guarantee + 

Full Refund & Free Flight ✈️

If you are not completely satisfied with the MSP Video Academy and don't get any value from the course once you've completed all the modules we will refund every penny.

As an extra special guarantee we'll also provide you with a free flight to the IT Rockstars mastermind.  This location is where our inner circle members attend an annual IT marketing boot camp. 

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this academy.

Steven Conner

MSP Business Owner

Do The Math

"We were going to hire a sales guy but soon figured out that would have been stupid because we have no leads to give them.  The Academy has helped us generate many new enquiries that we would have paid a sales guy a lot more to do."

Joan Hunter

IT Marketing Manager

Easy and effective

"What Scott teaches is not rocket science.  It is easy to follow.  

I no longer have to spend days writing marketing content for our blog and can have a new video complete within 5 minutes."

Pat Fuller

Technology Consultant

Do this before your competitors do

"Why is no one else teaching this? Almost everyone knows video is the future of marketing.  The MSP Video academy is specifically designed for IT businesses.  I have not told anyone about this as I don't want my local competitors to find out."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to invest in additional video recording equipment/lighting?

Can I use the videos to sell services to existing clients?

What type of results can I expect from the course?

I don't have an IT business can I still enroll in the Academy?

Why are you limiting this to 30 students?

Is the Academy really worth the price tag?


1 Time Purchase

 $ 2,699.97

  • Lifetime access to course
  • 4 Q&A Sessions Included
  • Appear on IT Rockstars


3 Monthly Payments

 $ 899.99

  • Lifetime access to course
  • 4 Q&A Sessions Included
  • Appear on IT Rockstars

A personal note from Scott

Dear fellow business owner,

Technology businesses are some of the worst at marketing.  I'm here to change that.

I wouldn't be offering this course if I did not believe in the power of what I'm teaching many within the IT Channel.

I know your pains and what keeps you up at night.  

I know this because I've both run an IT business and been part of one in the past.

There's just not enough time in the day to do everything, that's why the MSP Video Academy exists - once you learn the process you'll have a powerful tool that takes only 90 seconds a day to implement.

This is your chance to transform your IT sales and marketing processes to a level that not only your competitors but many businesses will be in awe of.

The MSP Video Academy is not just for your IT business,  you'll personally grow as a result of what this course entails.

Like everything in life the difficult things usually have the most reward.

That's why I'm asking you to challenge yourself, start using video.  If you're going to do it you may as well do it correctly and not fall flat on your face.

We both know you'll succeed.  

Made in Scotland by IT Rockstars Ltd